The Clinical Success Formula


“Dan Eisner’s Clinical Success Formula is needed medicine in this era of standardized and protocol-driven health care. Traditional healthcare education programs leave many students feeling overwhelmed with stress, while primarily teaching methods of care that treat the “patient,” not the actual needs of the whole person. Dan’s book lays out a very pragmatic and sensible way for practitioners of all types to view their mission differently, with results I think will be beneficial for all. This is a book useful not only for those in training, but also for everyone who wants to make a greater difference in the lives of the people they serve.”

—Andy Lazris, MD, author of Curing Medicare and co-author of Interpreting
Health Benefits and Risks: A Practical Guide to Facilitate Doctor-Patient

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What if I fail?

What if I can’t establish rapport?

What if my clients can tell I don’t know what I’m doing?

Do these questions sound familiar? For students facing the challenges of their clinical rotations, these and other fears can undermine what can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Learn to master your fears and insecurities using the simple techniques described in this book. Based on the latest advances in neuroscience, The Clinical Success Formula offers a practical approach for remaining clear, focused, and confident, enabling you to pass with flying colors while building a solid foundation for becoming an extraordinary healthcare professional.