Why Healthcare Provider Training?

High quality of care is the most essential component of the long-term success of any healthcare organization, and it is the “front line” professionals who are responsible for ensuring that patients’ receive the best care possible. 

Yet, we are in the midst of an epidemic of stress and burnout in our healthcare system.

The wellbeing of Healthcare Professionals is both overlooked and undervalued, and everyone (providers & patients) pays the consequences

Providing high quality of care in a stressful working environment is difficult if not possible, and it is the patients who ultimately pay the price when their professionals are not taking care of their own wellbeing.

Dan Eisner Consulting offers training to specifically address this unmet need in healthcare.

Why Curing Burnout Training Works (It’s NOT Your Traditional Self-Care Program)

This training produces sustainable results by addressing the root cause (e.g. Limited Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, & Attention to the Present Moment) and offering practical tools that participants can immediately apply to their practice.

Einstein stated, “You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness in which it was created.” The reason many healthcare organizations struggle with issues such as low morale, burnout, and limited employee & patient satisfaction scores is because traditional “team building” programs do not address the root cause of these common challenges.

Based on the latest advances in neuroscience and practical spirituality, this training provides a practical guide for transforming a culture of stress & burnout to one of compassion, internal peace, and support for both colleagues and patients. 


What’s Involved?

The depth of training can be adapted to meet the needs of your organization.  However, Curing Burnout starts with the engaging presentation, Supporting Yourself & Your Colleagues While Providing High Quality Healthcare. 

Many of us repeat self-destructing habits of behavior because we do not understand the mechanics the mind & emotions, and how a sense of burnout is created and sustained.

The purpose of this initial training is to introduce staff to a practical, yet transformational knowledge base that provides a deeper understanding of human behavior, which is the foundation for sustainable change.

What are the Expected Outcomes?

Supporting Yourself & Your Colleagues While Providing High Quality Healthcare is designed to…

  • Immediately increase staff “buy in” 
  • Measurable reduction in stress
  • Immediate positive shifts in behavior (to varying degrees – minor to very significant) in behavior including increased personal responsibility (e.g. staff apologizing)
  • Increased open-communication (e.g. speaking up instead of complaining)
  • Improved sense of compassion (as opposed to judgment) on the 


Qualifications & Background of Trainer

Dan Eisner is a Psychiatric Occupational Therapist and Certified Coach with over 20 years’ experience who specializes in Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Development, and how these skills can improve both personal and professional outcomes. He received his BA from University of MD, College in 1991, and a MS in Occupational Therapy from Towson University in 1998. Dan also received a Certified Coach Certificate from Coach Training Alliance in 2006.  Dan speaks regularly on the topic of Supporting Yourself & Your Colleagues While Providing High Quality Healthcare and consistently receives rave reviews from audiences.

He is the author of The Clinical Success Formula, a practical, evidenced based guide designed to empower the reader and the service they provide. Based on the latest advances in neuroscience, the book illustrates the link between self-care and quality health care, and offers a pragmatic approach that can be immediately applied to achieve measurable results. The book is required and recommended reading in many healthcare programs at top ranked schools (e.g. Tufts, Washington University in St. Louis) across the USA.

Dan is most passionate about improving the quality of care in our healthcare system, and he has worked extensively with healthcare professionals for the purpose of creating a more supportive working environment founded upon personal responsibility, open-communication, and compassion.

After working in Department of Psychiatry at the UMMC for the last 12 years, Dan recently transitioned to working as a full time trainer/consultant.

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