The Natural Lie Detector

The body’s wisdom is incredibly intelligent. I recently listened to a podcast with Dr. Christiane Northrup who is a well-known OBGYN, author, and holistic practitioner. They talked about the notion that truth has a frequency and that the immune system has morals. The body literally becomes weaker and more prone to disease when we aren’t […]

Extremely Important for Health, Safety, & Freedom

I’ve always loved this image and I’ve come to appreciate the fact that the larger unknown part will always occupy the largest space in my brain. Even though it can be REALLY scary at times, I’ve become progressively more willing to “look behind the curtain” in many areas of my life. This quarantine has caused […]

The Secret to Peace

Did you ever consider the question, “What is Reality? I suppose there any many ways to ponder this question, but for the purpose of this blog, lets consider the perception of “reality” from three points of view. Let’s start with most common or popular. Reality from the Personal Point of View One of my favorite […]

Getting OUT of Your “Comfort Zone” (Video)

We are certainly living in a very strange time. Like it or not, we are all being challenged to get out of the “comfort zone” of the “normal” lives we are used to living. I’ll never forget what my sister said to me the day before I finally broke down and reached out for help […]

The Gift of Nothing (Brief Video)

A few years ago, a colleague/friend gave me the book The Gift of Nothing as a holiday present. It’s amazing, and I’ve since given it myself a dozen or more times myself. The wisdom in contains has always resonated with everyone I’ve shared it with, and I believe it’s even more relevant than ever given […]

A Poem from the Corona Virus

Dear Humans, What can I say It could not be Any other way Nothing else has worked To slow you down To make you see Your feet are NOT on the ground Why do you all move so fast I do not know But one thing is for sure It’s time to grow It’s time […]

Is Corona Virus Just a Symptom?

I think the Corona Virus is a symptom and a manifestation of a much deeper virus within our consciousness. That virus is belief in separation run by fear and a win/lose mentality. God, The Universe, Mother Earth (whatever language works best for you) has been trying to warn, but we haven’t been listening. These warnings […]

A Great Misunderstanding

A fellow by the name of Adyashanti (“Adya’) is one of my favorite teachers. I’ve been reading his books and watching his videos for a number of years, and I am currently taking his 3-month online retreat called A Revolution of Being. I have no idea how many people are attending this retreat, but 51 countries […]

The Elephant in the Healthcare Room

I can’t believe it, but I’ve now been working as an OT for TWENTY YEARS. Yikes! In complete honesty, even though I did a better than average job in my first several years as a therapist, I was an emotional wreck on the inside. I was never satisfied, no matter how many people I helped, […]

The Unspoken Gift of Silence

As a so called “expert” in the area of mindfulness & meditation, I was recently humbled attending my first Silent Retreat. It was five days. No talking. No phones. No computers. No eye contact. No where to “run” from whatever was happening on the inside. In a way, this was not my first “rodeo.” I’ve […]

Mindful Healthcare #4: The Most Important “Check In”

Even though I am fairly introspective guy, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t squander my attention way too often. Now, I don’t officially “check-in” on Facebook (e.g. “Look where I am eating lunch!), but I’m definitely guilty of mindlessly scrolling my news feed hoping to find, well I have no idea. Like a […]

Mindful Healthcare #3: What Makes “Occupation,” Therapy?

One of the fundamental principles of Occupational Therapy is that engaging in purposeful activity improves both physical and mental health. But have you ever considered why? And what makes one activity purposeful, and another not? I’ve asked a number of therapists this question and very few (if any) could come up with a clear answer. […]

Why Mindfulness is NOT “Alternative”

My friend and writing partner (Jennifer Llado, SLP) and I would like to welcome you to our new blog (and soon to be released book) – Mindful Healthcare. Our intention is to inspire other healthcare professionals (and to constantly remind ourselves) to explore the personal and professional benefits of mindfulness. So, what exactly is mindfulness? Mindfulness is […]

Why Your Success Matters

People ask me, “Why do you want to work with new healthcare professionals?” The answer is simple. I care about the quality of care in our healthcare system, and that is dependent on your success. But I’d like to be clear about how I define “success.” I don’t mean just passing, and I also don’t […]