A Great Misunderstanding

A fellow by the name of Adyashanti (“Adya’) is one of my favorite teachers. I’ve been reading his books and watching his videos for a number of years, and I am currently taking his 3-month online retreat called A Revolution of Being. I have no idea how many people are attending this retreat, but 51 countries […]

The Elephant in the Healthcare Room

I can’t believe it, but I’ve now been working as an OT for TWENTY YEARS. Yikes! In complete honesty, even though I did a better than average job in my first several years as a therapist, I was an emotional wreck on the inside. I was never satisfied, no matter how many people I helped, […]

The Unspoken Gift of Silence

As a so called “expert” in the area of mindfulness & meditation, I was recently humbled attending my first Silent Retreat. It was five days. No talking. No phones. No computers. No eye contact. No where to “run” from whatever was happening on the inside. In a way, this was not my first “rodeo.” I’ve […]

Mindful Healthcare #4: The Most Important “Check In”

Even though I am fairly introspective guy, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t squander my attention way too often. Now, I don’t officially “check-in” on Facebook (e.g. “Look where I am eating lunch!), but I’m definitely guilty of mindlessly scrolling my news feed hoping to find, well I have no idea. Like a […]

Mindful Healthcare #3: What Makes “Occupation,” Therapy?

One of the fundamental principles of Occupational Therapy is that engaging in purposeful activity improves both physical and mental health. But have you ever considered why? And what makes one activity purposeful, and another not? I’ve asked a number of therapists this question and very few (if any) could come up with a clear answer. […]

Mindful Healthcare #2: A Unique Explanation of Mindfulness

This simple but powerful video demonstrates how you can easily begin to experience the benefits of mindfulness. It includes a brief exercise to help you tap into what mindfulness is really about. Please check it out, leave a comment, and share with others.

Why Mindfulness is NOT “Alternative”

My friend and writing partner (Jennifer Llado, SLP) and I would like to welcome you to our new blog (and soon to be released book) – Mindful Healthcare. Our intention is to inspire other healthcare professionals (and to constantly remind ourselves) to explore the personal and professional benefits of mindfulness. So, what exactly is mindfulness? Mindfulness is […]

Why Your Success Matters

People ask me, “Why do you want to work with new healthcare professionals?” The answer is simple. I care about the quality of care in our healthcare system, and that is dependent on your success. But I’d like to be clear about how I define “success.” I don’t mean just passing, and I also don’t […]