About Dan

Dan Eisner is a Psychiatric OT and Certified Personal Coach with over 21 years experience offering a unique blend of services designed to hep you trust your intuition and stay on your own path.

If you’re tired of traditional approaches that aren’t getting you anywhere, you’re in the right place. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve had more than my fair share of “issues” that I continue to work on each and every day. Every one of my clients knows that I’m my #1 guinea pig and I only teach from experience. I spent the better part of the last 15 years discovering what was keeping me stuck, and what it takes to truly break the vicious cycle. I now share a simple but profound approach that I promise will support you in creating change you didn’t think was possible.

I offer a unique blend of services combining elements of therapy, personal coaching, and practical spirituality. My background as a Psychiatric OT, Personal Coach, and avid consumer of mental and spiritual development services has resulted in a no BS, straight talk approach to creating sustainable change.

What I offer isn’t magic in a bottle. It takes work, but it’s truly revolutionary. It will give you a new lens in which you can view the world – a complete game changer. It is a process specifically designed to inspire you to trust your intuition and to stay on your own path. Please call for a free brief introduction & consultation.

A Word About My Education

I am forever grateful for the formal education and training I have received over the years, but what I have learned in school pales in comparison to what I’ve learned in the “real world” since committing being compassionate with myself.

All that being said, the school and training I have received has also been invaluable. I am forever grateful for what I have learned and am continuing to learn as I commit to further my education, both formally and informally. Please feel free to contact me with questions about any of my training or work history.

I’ve included a little background of my formal education, training, and work experience. The organizations listed are in no way affiliated with Dan Eisner Consulting.

Formal Education

  1. Masters in Occupational Therapy, Towson University, January 1998
  2. Coach Training Alliance: Certified Life Coach, April 2006
  3. BA in Psychology, University of MD, College Park, May 1991

Workshops/Training/Coaching (Highlights)

  1. Advanced Student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Internationally Recognized Author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, and You are the Placebo
  2. Active Student & Retreat Participant of Adyashanti, Internally Recognized Spiritual Teacher
  3. InFlow Coaching Client, Karin Sokel, May 2007-Present
  4. Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC (www.imcw.org) , Active Member of Site/Podcasts, June 2008-Present
  5. Man Transformation, 5 Day Seminar, Los Angeles, California, April 2008
  6. Unleash the Power Within, Tony Robbins, October 2008
  7. Introduction to Vipassana Meditation, 8 Week Course, Baltimore, MD, Fall 2008
  8. Joe Dispenza (www.drjoedispenza) Video Q/A Member, April 2008-Present
  9. A Buddhist Approach to Addiction-Tara Brach Workshop
  10. Mindfullness Meditation-Sharon Salzburg

Work Experience

  1. Key Insight Coaching (Formerly Living Logically), April 2006-Present
  2. Advanced for Occupational Therapists, Columnist, Coachable Moments (View Articles)
  3. Advanced for Occupational Therapists, Blogger: “Energizing Healthcare
  4. University of MD Medical System: Department of Psychiatry, March 2007-Present
  5. Kennedy Krieger Institute, PACT: Helping Children With Special Needs, June 1999-February 2007
  6. Medstar Health, Good Samaritan Hosptial, January 1998-June 1999

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