The body’s wisdom is incredibly intelligent.

I recently listened to a podcast with Dr. Christiane Northrup who is a well-known OBGYN, author, and holistic practitioner. They talked about the notion that truth has a frequency and that the immune system has morals.

The body literally becomes weaker and more prone to disease when we aren’t being honest with ourselves and or accepting what deep down we know it true.

I’ve left a number of naysayers completely speechless with a simple shoulder manual muscle test exercise like the one in a picture.

I’ll ask a volunteer to state their name and to hold their arm up as I try to push it down (but from the wrist is how I was taught). As you’d expect, they can hold it up easily. But, when I ask them to lie about their name, they immediately become weak because they are lying!

Perhaps no big deal when lying about your name for fun, but what about when it comes to deceiving ourselves in other ways?

Dr. Northrup referenced the work of Mario Martinez and the Biocogntive Institute who found that groups of Tibetan Monks were developing diabetes despite their lifestyle, which was not conducive to the disease. Many of these Monks had experienced horrific trauma including rape and murder of their loved ones.

They had good reason to be angry, but like “good Monks,” they went right into Loving Kindness.

The point is not to live in anger, but to acknowledge & accept its existence.

I’m deeply concerned because I’m seeing pure denial of the atrocities that are happening now on so many levels. We have many reasons to be outraged right now, and denial of what’s happening is literally damaging our immune systems. Dr. Northrup stated, “When the innocence of yourself or others has been threatened, and you stand up to say “NO, this is NOT OK, then your immune system responds and improves.” When we stay in denial (like the Monks), we remain prone to illness. Again, the point is not to live in anger, but to acknowledge its existence.

Now more than ever we need to keep our immune systems strong but that’s impossible without taking an honest look at what’s happening within our own consciousness and in the world.

I’d like to invite you to test a few beliefs with the Manual Muscle Test exercise at home. I’m guessing you’ll be surprised at what you may learn.

Two people are required. Here are the basic instructions.

  1. Hold shoulder out to side at 90 degrees
  2. Make a statement: “My name is Dan”
  3. Try to keep arm up as partner tries to push down from your wrist with their fingers

Feel free to test whatever you’d like, but here are a few suggestions:

1.Beliefs about yourself (e.g. attitudes, behaviors)

2.Beliefs about your health (e.g. habits, diet)

3. Beliefs about Covid (e.g. danger of virus, masks, lockdowns)

Have fun with it but also understand that this exercise is not a “toy.” The body really is a truth telling machine.

I’d love to hear what you learn about yourself so please leave a comment and share with others you think would appreciate this technique.

With Gratitude,


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  • Susan Posted June 3, 2020 10:45 pm

    Years of long commutes to a job that I was not happy at definitely took a toll on my health, unexplained rashes, hair loss, weight loss and insomnia. Now, being in a new and supportive environment I am starting to heal!

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