Did you ever consider the question, “What is Reality?

I suppose there any many ways to ponder this question, but for the purpose of this blog, lets consider the perception of “reality” from three points of view.

Let’s start with most common or popular.

Reality from the Personal Point of View

One of my favorite teachers, Adyashanti, gave a great analogy.  Pure sunlight is like unobstructed Truth or Reality, whereas sunlight coming through a stain glass is filtered reality.

We all have our own unique “filters” (i.e. beliefs, perspectives, etc.) in which we view the world. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this, and we all have the right to have our own unique preferences. The problem is that we often mistake our own personal point of view as “Absolute Truth,” when it is in fact, objectively speaking, a distorted point of view.

Let’s consider a practical example. One might say, “Twenty degrees is freezing!” But, is it? What if it’s been 5 below for two weeks? What might a person who lives in Minnesota think about a twenty-degree temperature?

Again, I’m not saying any point of view is right or wrong, just that they are only “reality” based on a particular point of view. They are Relative Truths, not Absolute Truths.

In my experience, most suffering comes from the unwillingness or inability to question our own Personal Point of View. Many of us (including me at times, but I am working on it) create a false sense of security by being CERTAIN about what we “know” to be true. It gives us a sense of control, but at what cost?

The division is our country is perhaps more evident than ever, and this has much to do with many of us living in CERTAINTY. It’s the “I’m right, and you’re wrong” mindset, which objectively speaking has no basis in reality.

Reality from a Perspective of Truth, or “What Is”

Hamlet said,  “Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so.” (Hamlet). I would imagine many “Personal Point of Views” might take offense to this notion. But, when we REALLY SLOW DOWN, and take a much closer look, we can see the truth in the old saying “it IS what it IS.” Before we distort reality (i.e. What IS) with our own unique filters, it just simply IS.

In the video, I briefly talk about the passing of my mother. Obviously, that was painful and “bad” on many levels, but as I point out, that perspective doesn’t speak to the Absolute Truth – Mom is no longer here physically.

I’m a “realist,” a human being like the rest of us, and I understand that it’s simply part of our human nature to have beliefs and perspectives. It’s unreasonable to say lets just all accept “What Is,” not have any feelings about it, and not be at all concerned about our personal responsibility.

But, I do believe the time has come for us all to make more honest, objective look at how our own Personal Point of View distorts reality, “What Is,” and how it impacts the ways we move through the world.

Reality from a Conscious Point of View

This point of view can only come through a willingness to take a closer look at our own filters. It requires us to simple view Absolute Truth (What is objectively happening?) with out judgment (i.e. It’s really not good or bad), and to take an honest look at how we are interpreting “what is” and the impact it’s having on how we feel and the actions we take in life.

This is not easy, but in my experience, it has been (and is on an ongoing basis) the most value practice we can take in life.  The reason is because the more we take a closer look inside, the less dependent we become on external conditions to maintain (at the very least) a sense of “peace even in the midst of the chaos in life” (Jill Bolte Taylor)

I created this brief video as a helpful guide as well as the brief document Living Your Truth .


Please watch the video, leave a comment, and share with others.


With Gratitude,


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