The Elephant in the Healthcare Room

I can’t believe it, but I’ve now been working as an OT for TWENTY YEARS. Yikes! In complete honesty, even though I did a better than average job in my first several years as a therapist, I was an emotional wreck on the inside. I was never satisfied, no matter how many people I helped, $ I made, vacations I took, etc.

In 2004, I hit rock bottom and finally did what resisted my entire life – I reached out for help. I made an appointment to see a therapist. Working with Anne Marie was just the start of an ever-evolving journey of self-discovery.

I was serving special needs children and their parents at that time. Naturally, I started sharing what I was learning about the importance of emotional balance with the parents who were so overwhelmed and stressed, and guess what happened?

The kids started doing DRAMATICALLY better. As the parents became emotionally healthier, the kids picked up on their improved energy and responded in amazing ways (e.g. listening more, following directions, etc.)

The irony is that this is EXACTLY what I was experiencing in my role as a therapist. As I started improving my energy and finding a greater sense of emotional balance, I began having a much greater impact on those I was serving.

This was only the beginning of learning what I believe is the most important lesson we can learn as Healthcare Providers: Self-Care is the Foundation Quality Healthcare.

It took me 10 years of experiencing this truth this until I developed enough courage to write my first book, The Clinical Success Formula. I wrote it speaking to students of healthcare, but it’s really for everyone, no matter how long you’ve been working.

It addresses what I believe is the “elephant in the healthcare room” (i.e. we often don’t practice what we preach) and lays out a practical guide to improving both personal and professional satisfaction.

It’s also a great introduction on how to take more of a holistic, or dare I say human, approach to work that you do. It really is a formula, and it works. You’ll notice profound changes even just by implementing the smallest of changes.

Recently, one reader said, “Wow – that one exercise shifted my entire mood for the last week!”

The book is powerful, but it’s really in the ongoing processing/discussing of how all the pieces fit together where the magic really happens.  I’m in the process of creating something for this purpose, so be on the lookout in the next few months.

But for now, please enjoy this little video for a little inspiration and guidance on how you can begin to discover a greater sense of personal and professional satisfaction.

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